419 Banff Avenue Banff, AB, T1L 1A7

419 Banff Avenue, BOX 700
Banff, Alberta, Canada T1L 1A7
Tel: 403 762 2236     Fax: 403 762 5084   Toll Free: 1800 661 1244

Management and Staff trust you will enjoy your stay and have a memorable holiday in Banff

A Front Desk representative is on duty 24 hours a day, please do not hesitate to dial 0 on your room phone, or contact them directly if you have any questions or concerns. Any maintenance issues that you experience should also be reported to the Front Desk staff.

Telephone Operation:
Front Desk
Dial 0.
Room to Room
Dial the three-digit room number.
Local Calls
Dial 9 + the local number, including the 403 area code. No charge is applied.
Long Distance Calls Within Canada
Dial 9 + 1 + the Canadian number, including the area code. Charges of $0.85 per minute will apply.
Long Distance Overseas
Dial 9 + 011 + the country code + the international number. Charges of $1.50 per minute will apply.
Toll Free
Dial 9 + the 1-800 or 1-888 number. No charge is applied.
Telephone Operator
Dial 9 + 0.
Dial 9 + 0.
Calling Cards
Dial 9, and then follow the directions provided on the card. No charge is applied.
Emergency Services
Dial 911.

If a red light is illuminated on your phone, a message has been left. Pressing the lit button will play the message.

Emergency Numbers:

In case of emergencies, 911 will connect you to Fire, Police, or Ambulance services.

RCMP (Police)
Fire Department
Wilderness Search and Rescue
Alpine Medical Clinic